Colorful Birthday Cake Artisan Keycap Information

[Artisan] Colorful Birthday Cake Artisan Keycap Raffle Sale

I received many requests to pack my keycap as a birthday gift then i thought why wouldn’t i make a birthday cake. This is how this keycap was created!


Raffle Form: ( Closed )

  • Raffle sales will be live on Monday November 2nd 8pm PST ( Tuesday November 3rd 11am GMT+7 ). Form will be open for 2 days
  • The only confirmation you will receive is a PayPal invoice. Winners will have 24 hours to pay, unpaid invoices will be re-raffle
  • Please note that i just make limited quantities, after that i will not restock until further information

Tell me more about this keycap

  • This keycap is 100% handmade from sculpting ( by hand ) , casting, sanding and hand painted
  • Materials: polyester resin, stone powder, acrylic colors and UV Cut Coat
  • I must say that painting is the most interesting part. I applied a full step from Gray Base ( to create the sticky surface between colors and resin ) White Base ( to brighten colors ) Coloring and UV Cut Coat. The final coating material is lacquer paint which is extremely hard to remove ( unless you aim to do it )

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Colorful Birthday Cake Artisan Keycap Information
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