New way of working


After my 2 previous models are released which kept me busy almost 1 year, I want to change to new way of working.

I will make limited quantities of each models, the rest of the time, i will focus on my new Youtube Channel also to think about next creation. To be clear, my main subject is about realistic pastry and fruit, although I would like to try other foods as well. Pastry or Food Subject is a major categories, each texture and each color that you see needed time to do research carefully. Additionally, keycap is made from plastic for durability, which is harder to describe the reality of the texture

Another factor that slows me down and push me to change to new way of working that my life is not stabilization, i had to move to another city, apartment, studio… per 1-2 years. I have many ideas for artisan keycap and pastry accessory, i expect that i can achieve them all with this adjustment. There is one thing that i can assure you that my passion about Pastry and Fruit will last eternity ( lol ) So if you like my creation, don’t hesitate to follow me

New way of working
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